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Xfer from Danu

Hello Arawn I am xfering 4.5 million coins on Danu for either equal amount or chest on here we can use a middle man or whatever we figure out if u are interested pm me or mail me in game Deathstrokes

Xfer to Arawn

Hello everyone I am xfering 4.5 million gold on here for money or chest on Arawn we can use a middle man if u would like or we can figure it out. You can also buy plat and give me 4.5million in chest their as well whatever works pm me on here or mail me at Deathstrokes on Arawn either will be fine t...

Re: Event Lux

Perky wrote:Can I ask what the point is of this post if there are already so many threads about this and you gave your opinion already on those threads?

He took multiple ideas and put it in too one big thread so then easier to read and +1 to idea

Re: Pattern of chest sales

It appears that there is some pattern to event chest sales from OTM. Is there always a sale at the beginning and end of each event? I am asking because, should, I bide my time expecting a discount/bonus on chests or plat or what have you? No their is not normally any sales Not true. Towards the end...

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