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Clan: Knights

Welcome to the Knights page. At first I would like to post a picture of a tribute to the knights. And now a word from our leader: Nasim I admit it, when I started <Knights> as a clan on this server, intended to just be a place where people can group, chat, help each other and have fun, I never expe...

Re: Newbie Help

In the village there is a trader. These books are all the books you can get so far. (New skills will be added next update) You wont get skills at certain levels only a skill point to improve your skills and attribute points if I may suggest adding them on vital and Focus. (Health and Energy) Because...

Re: general

Maybe adding Weapon Longbow/Shortbow, Skill attack skill to cripple an enemy (so he moves slower) Pet These skills could improve the distance between the ranger and the enemy. because a ranger should be fighting from a distance in my eye's. by adding cripple or a pet the ranger can keep a fair dista...

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