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Re: Harrasing in crom??!!??

You no. When I first played this game I never hade a definate world. I went to all of them CROM was last and in all of them I asked for help. And everyone I asked they helped me. When I asked for help in CROM I immediatly was told "SHUT UP NOOB"

BhamuntFlare is hacked.

We have tried our best to get his acc for him. He is currently playing as darius wyvern as this hacker roams free. We've bribed and begged. We even attempted to scam the acc back. Can we get some help

Re: Bartenderz is a SCAMMER

I understand. She's in my clan. I was there during that scam. Although I too saw that she is wearing the rings. Now she claims her "brother" dropped them. Tell me which rings they were. If she stills has them I possibly might get them back.

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