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Preparing to lvl

hey herne im trying to lvl soulguardian from lvl 101 to lvl 105 at least so im buying SKs and Restro Pots

If you want to donate just mail me @soulguardian in game
ill give you a shoutout
you be on my cool person list
You dont have to

Re: Herne players, Introduce yourselves.

Hey Guys my main is soulguardian im Part of NewHope i stopped playing because i got bored but i started playing again but now there is a lot confusion about me and eldren/elliebear his dicers name is soul dicer but IT IS NOT ME i am not him and he is not me idk if he says he is me or not He is also ...

Re: What Class Should I lv first

You said on your other post you've been playing for four years, not sure what anyone can teach you. Level whatever class you like best, surely you know what they are all about by now???? The colours are very annoying btw! sorry about the colors by the way. and i was really just messing around with ...

What Class Should I lv first

I have all the classes but i dont know what to lvl first plz help me and can i have help with builds i know a little but i will need a little help to get the most out of my characters i have no lux :cry: But i intend to get some as soon as possible

Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

Hello People Of Crom, My story isnt very long im new to crom i played on herne for 4 years but got bored and decided to come to crom I am new to the server and have only have each class but nobody is lvled up just wondering if anybody wanted to lvl together and what class i should use I am looking ...

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