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Re: Level 60 druid that needs help

THEONLYDICE wrote:What do you mean by totem skill? (Do you mean like in abilities, where you have ability points for using it?)

Meant like the totem ability, when ur higher level ur totems start doing more dmg as a banchee blade but if ur totem ability is low u miss alot and u dont have the max dmg

Druid Line group

Hello fellow druids! I am in a Line group called Druid help chat and i would like to share this with you guys! It is a group where ppl ask and answer questions related to druids. We also share thoughts about things and discuss topics which only druids will understand :D We only have about 20-25 drui...

Re: Rogue advice for 150+ lixing

Made some changes to my stats and skills, tell me what you all think. And still wondering whether to use full ancient beastbone or mix it with radiant earthstone? I also need which rings to use. STATS:- https://imgur.com/a/5CLfi SKILLS:- Shadowstrike 39/35 (35/35) Quick Strike 35/35 Riposte 35/35 L...

Re: Wolf gang

Mentor wrote:
zchicken1 wrote:Does Term still even play?

He in sleeping mode long time

doesnt he play on nuada?

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