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Consider me a General when you are the chieftan again, not just in Prime to please Cheech :D

Hey everyone

This is Confuzzled from Danu, if you see Fuzzi running around feel free to stop me and say Hi lol

Re: Camping the dragons

Ares397 wrote:Then let them do it. It's something that all should get the chance to have.

Haha I don't camp dragons or even kill them, I buy the gear. Want to know a GUARANTEED way to start killing dragons? LEVEL NOOB!

Re: Nothing to say but douche?

Wth is wrong with that guy, brainless idiot must have used a year supply Of elixirs and bought tons of gold with plat because he's the N00B in both pictures. No high level will ever be taken seriously by me with that stupid attitude. Whatever clan lets a douche like that in is pathetic, just becaus...

Re: If it's too good to be true...it is. Scam Protection

wait a second, i thought its in a pm i sent to left4dead :shock: :? :?: Tea, this dude Howard doesn't understand the points people make... You say for example you're becoming the highest level druid... He goes on about all the reasons you can't do it... He doesn't quite take in fact that it doesn't...

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