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Re: Scammer on the loose

No, dicing is perfectly fair even if you get scammed. Admin made the pop-up "Do not trade items if you don't expect to get them back" this would include money.

Daboy is good at dicing, Kristy is too. These are the only 2 I dice with personally.

Re: Plat is too little now

Oh no... I apologized for the scamming I did in December... Check out My Apology on the Danu forum. I'm not trying to scam admin, bumping up the amount of gold $100 would give would help all the economies from every server. Suggesting this is a scam? Alright Dogma, whatever floats your boat.

Re: My Apology

I didn't scam a Halloween charm, and I am not hiding. The only account I have hid on was CelestialMage. I am currently playing as Sincriento. I know very little about you also, I do remember I was in a clan of yours though.

Plat is too little now

Before the scavenger was introduced $100 was enough to really help people. Now $100 will get you Heroic Gloves, Boots and Rejuv... I personally think that cash amounts should be more. Ex: $100 will get you maybe 750k so you have more options. I believe the original amount was 500k and this is multip...

Re: My Apology

It is just how some people are, Cheech will not ever forgive me for my past and I don't blame her. It is cool though, I hope some people understood I was being sincere.

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