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Re: New


Just curious. How did you come up with such an original forum name? o.O

Re: New closed beta only for ios?

They are not able to run a closed beta for android as there are no easily available beta testing platforms. The only way they can do any beta at all for android is to upload a beta app to the play store, and anybody can download it. Sure, anyone can download it. But all they have to do to make it a...

Re: Sreng 6 and Snorri 5

Seeing Snorri more frequently now compared to months ago. I don't know if it's just the window change but his chance to spawns seems like it's been bumped as well. Would be great if they would release some information about their changes. Try something new OTM and do what every other game does. Rel...

Re: Sreng 6 and Snorri 5

Muldar wrote:
MisterWiskers wrote:He means adding crowns to sreng 6*and snorri 5*.... Or did u mean that...

I asked design, the adding of crowns to Sreng 6*and Snorri 5* was a possible idea but the spawn window was changed as an alternative :)

The spawn window did help a lot. But it still takes long to get non endgame gear.

Re: Competition Winners

hmm. Normally the competitions threads have the winners posted at the end of the thread and I was confused because I never saw it on the osatara. Heres what kodelia in the samhain competitions thread. http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=110&t=64303&start=50 My bad. Just ignore thi...

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