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Re: Future of Poison damage

Funny how when poison damage was first introduced admin commented
Admin wrote:Also bear in mind the poison damage is practically unresistable which edges the dagger damage up a bit in practical use.

But then again when has OTM ever really kept their word... :roll:

Re: Human psychology.

U said ur already majoring in law school and programming, I doubt ur really doing any of that, nor we're the ppl u should ask. Also offered to help vold with his med schooling, also has his own office (but a pc running on winxp) and is developing a game... Nevermind all those high level toons he ta...

Re: Essence Blade Build

If you don't have dl dagger, frozen is good. With the right gear cruel knife can out dps frozen. I don't use hastes, they are too expensive for me. Also you can't use haste in pvp. Elder blade sucks and essence is awesome (for pvp mostly) With a haste ring, the cruel dagger will hit the speed cap o...

Re: New highest hp.

You guys haha... You Seriously think i need to 'cheat' to get highest record? How did i beat the dps rank by 1k+ Dmg more then? By cheating on epona? And you have to gef help by other players to make the highest hp... I have no void bastion helm on server but This record is so easy to beat, just le...

Re: New highest hp.

In beta i dont have to waste my epona gold... Thats why i have done it there. Yeah but have access to the best gear because u can borrow items from the other players, or buy items to boost ur hp. Its not difficult to raise ur hp, its difficult to get the items to raise ur hp and doing the record in...

Re: New highest hp.

Soramon wrote:Nice one timmyturner!
You did it in live game too. Unlike the previous so called "legit" high hp that was done in beta

Wait what. Are you serious? Dilvar did it in beta?? That doesnt count lol

Re: New highest hp.

Congratulations, but i have no gold left to do another High hp record, i can easily beat it :) He said he can get 2100 hp more if he waited. Highly doubt ull be able to beat that.... Someone get this guy a trophy that's op Op hp. Still a noob at heart ;) Thanks neero, I did use void bastion and voi...

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