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Re: Recruit Length?

Vulture wrote:Or you could be outside of the top clan and not get anything for the rest of your gaming life.

That's what I did and decided to join the clan I liked and now we're top. Seems to have worked out ;)

Re: Recruit Length?

2 weeks, extended if needed. 2 weeks is very reasonable crim. Infection on Herne could possibly take months to be invited. And once ur in u still have to wait a long time to be premoted. That was how they were, until they lost grip of Herne and invited almost anyone. I think two weeks should be the...

Re: Phantoms blade

Zyz wrote:20 slashing for a godly? Why would anyone even use this?

Was thinking the same.

I mean cool gratz, design looks great. But I wouldve liked it to be somewhat useful instead of fash...

Re: Yay Muldar!!

Hey your prob the first person out of all otm to play the game this far, i encourage u to try and get to 200 without plat. Hopefully this will show u that the game is broken. I have a level 183 rogue on balor, I've been playing for over a year now :) I would search for you on the rankings but oh wa...

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