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Re: Rhiannon roll call!

Bad news guys, I finally logged back in but lag was terrible( couldnt atk or use skills) and the server kept booting me every 15 seconds. So I tried to delete and reinstall app but after I deleted game my iPod won't connect to iTunes to download app :( I'll be back as soon as I can download the game...

Re: Rhiannon roll call!

Hi raptures! :) i just went through a move and dont have any wifi strong enough for my ipod yet.... thats why i havent been able to play for awhile :( Im hoping to be back online monday. See all you wonderfull people soon!... maybe.

Free plat?

I've done all I can for plat and all I got was 11 :( I was only able to buy two hotbars slots (which is nice) but now I can't get plat for slots on other characters. But mostly I can't get a book of alteration. I'm not capable of making in app purchases right now and I'm lvl 80 so redrafting isn't a...

Ideas for next update

Hey guys- I was thinking that there should be more than one type of armor so ppl can have more choice of stats and so everyone won't look exactly the same. For example maybe a rogue could choose between red armor that adds damage and grey armor that boosts dodge rate. Does anyone like/ agree with th...

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