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Re: Damage Fluctuation at 50% is awefully lot and ridiculous

50% is a little high, but not much, the fluctuations is only part of the problem. The main issues is 1- it fluctuates too often, you ought to lower the standard deviation, make more of the hits closer too average dmg. 2-they only fluctuate down, not up, give us say, a 2% chance for a critical double...

Re: Riposte

So itll damage anyonr who attacks you for 6 seconds? how much dmg at 30/30? And what's the cool down time

Great Job!!

Though you didnt mention it, you followed many older suggestions that all thought were ignored. New enemies for level 120-135ish are great for both solo and group. Skills like sneaky and poison weap were buffed. Poison casts faster and lasts longer to not detract from fights. And I see some great su...

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