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Re: Rarest summerspark scrolls

My breakdown of farmed scrolls so far: Minor: 636 Lesser: 207 Mystical: 75 Greater: 20 Grand: 7 Mighty: 3 Majestic: 1 What I'm seeing is each tier being 3x less chance or so... Total of 949 and no brooms :roll: Same i still don't have a broom. I have.. Minor 353 Lesser 132 Mystic 53 Greater 7 Grand...

Selling stufffff

sorry for postiung alot lately :lol: taking offers on everything REMS red rem of stars red rem of rock x2 red rem of earth x10 blue rem of metal x3 blue rem of stars x2 blue rem of rock black rem of earth x3 yellow rem of earth x7 green rem of earth x2 yellow rem of rock x3 yellow rem of metal TABS...

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