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Re: Bye-Bye

Bitey since your name is as well ironic, you can just bite me. Resurgence is a seeping, steaming mess created by a two-faced back-stabbing menace who stole his way and destroyed 2 great clans to create it, and you follow it?? Mercy on all of you with either blindness or stupidity, I can't tell what ...

Re: Bye-Bye

Hey bitey ik all res are fat and stupid, but since when was being called a monkey racist? Seriously stop ruining the game for people and my clan member did NOT scam, need we need to remind all of Arawn what a certain chief did to start resurgence in the first place? Thieves shouldn't get to speak.

Re: Pre-order

Gl with 30k each, this isn't crom buddy. Plus you know how many people will be selling chests on that day? Again gl, you will need it

Re: Arawn?

Best to stay away from Arawn at this time. Anyone could become a target by Resurgence even if you are just standing around they'll think you're a threat and put you down. So I'd best go to Danu or taranis and best to avoid me, just for good policy.


Buying Boggan chieftan charm 75k and level 110 aggy flame grimiore 350k paying in full gold.


Trading purple blazing Phoenix crest for werewolf witch or skull mask. Contact me in game if interested.

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