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Re: Lol

Curry30423 wrote:I love how everyone is just looking at gen discussion doing nothing._. Or if ur like me ur refreshing the page every second for otms reply._.

yep lol

Admin response please :)

Hello! My name is JOKER16 from crom, I was wondering if it is possible to change my name? The reasoning is there are a few people on the server (crom) that people tend to get me confused with. (examples:jokerrogue, aljokr etc...) I'm just wondering if it is possible for you (support) to change my na...


So apparently people are saying that im aljokr from seed, I AM JOKER16 NOT RELATED TO ALJOKR IN ANYWAY SHAPE OR FORM. I am tired of false accusations, Please don't accuse people of things without proof.

Thank you

(edited for signature addition :) )

Hidden images?

I was walkin around shalemont and I thought I saw skulls on the hillside by the watchtower.... i examined up close and I see skulls... do you see them? ,•-•,

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