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Re: i hope otm fixes mages :(

what level are you ? 1k health is nothing. This is update 4 and the game has changed. Stop putting all your points into focus and dump more into vit. Also, if you arent running freeze you are at a significant disadvantage in the arena. At 181 I use almost 3.5k HP and can hold my own against everyon...

which is better?

a golden trident of fire, or a master grim? i think trident is better because of the heat damage and added dex and the added 100 health and energy is kinda nice and regens both health and energy. grim adds 100 focus and regens only energy and does no damage. anyways just wondering what u pro mages t...

i hope otm fixes mages :(

i havent won a pvp match in days, a rouge 5-10 lvls below me can kill me in about 5 hits. i have max e shield (700dmg) and 1k health. very annoying. i think rouges r way to op. i guess mages just rnt good pvp class anymore :(

Re: haters gonna hate

i think mages r alot cheaper than the other classes because we dont have to invest into expensive armor. im a lvl 75 mage with duskshadow and a gold trident of fire and i do just fine soloing

Re: haters gonna hate

Yourtoxin wrote:Warrior has shield wall, same as our e shield but at least theirs isnt and they have armor so our e shield at like 700 would be the same as shield wall at 250 probably for a warrior

ya ikr

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