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Re: This server

i know this would never ever happen due to reallity, but it would be so amazing if everybody would just work together to dominate bosses and distribute loot evenly, all for one and one for all.... wishfull thinking lol

Re: This server

crom is a very good server, just do not screw up your reputaion! If you screw up the whole server goes after you xD so just be nice and you will be fine :) also, if you plan on getting dl i suggest applying to seed when you start, should give them enough time to review you by the time you get to end...

Re: Crom players, Introduce yourselves!

ITS NOT WHO IS UNDER THE MASK.... BUT WHAT I DO THAT DEFINES ME.... #Batman#notBruceWayne#Aalllffrreeedddd -joker16 :D Been playing on crom since the lugh mask event 2012 :) first character was a warrior, got to 88 and was scammed of all my possesions xD sooo i started over made a mage, leveled that...

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