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Re: better lux items

admin wrote:There are no plans to make new movement/attack speed or regen items.

Other than that we could make other types of items, anything in particular you would like?

Like a xp neckless would be cool there's a 20% it would be cool a 30% or 40%

Re: Ksing

If u guyz would lvl up just maybe u could fight for ur kill but u low lvls want to kill a mob 10lvls higher then u and tell me don't u get bored just playing the game and not ksing? Ksing is fun it for the highs to see who is bater if u can't fight for ur kill then don't go for that mob and stop cry...

Re: Ksing

HELL NO DON'T TAKE KSING AWAY it's so fun how ppl get mad when they get ks it makes the game fun now for us high lvls

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