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Re: Who is the nicest player in sulis?

1 dps/sly/ken/max who ever you know him as best mate best player just a great guy 2 aiolia and phule cant decide they both deserve number 2 in my books 3 pooball great guy just need to treat him with respect if you want it in return 4 triggerhappy and higherlight great guys love talking to them 5 d...

Re: Can't connect to server

Take a break says the kid with over 550post on forums ok... many kids log on forums just to kiss some ass and forums is not here for ass kissing or being a ass frostknight.forums for info and when theres a issues in game to see what admin and OTM is doing about it. What does beta testers have to do ...

Re: Can't connect to server

We're aware there are some issues with the expansion launch, and we're working to get them fixed. Are we going to gives us something for YOUR mistake like less update or what :?: I been trying to log n for almost 3hrs now :evil: It's a free game. They don't owe you anything just because the game is...

Re: app crashing

WingsOfSteel wrote:yes but they are doing they job as fast as they can, us uk people have too, its all same, its just £1 here is like 5 dollars over there or something lol

Oh when i said US I didnt mean like usa hehe i mean like all of us plat buyers hehe

Re: app crashing

lobo theyre doing all they can to sort it out, theyve given alot of their time to fulfill your gaming needs be a bit more respectful I know they are mate but is it not there job to work on it if theres a problem with the game?? US plat buyers pay alot for them to do so do we not? To admin ty for an...

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