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Re: Noob hating

When I was lvling up i never asked for gold or items, just help with quests etc, which many ppl did and i now help as many ppl as i can, when I was low lvl I was always asked for gold it is annoying admittedly. I never give gold to low lvl more so items i would merely drop or bank from crowns to gar...

Malicious shop

Clearing a few items

Blazing Brand 85 damage
Sparkling turquoise garland
Grand ring of warcry +4
Purple smuggler mask
Lesser sun fire charm of quickstrike (lvl 65) +50 damage to quickstrike
Heroic elixers of wisdom x14

Pm me or contact me on game thx

Blazing brand

Have acquired a blazing brand (offhand of course) 85 heat damage, I intend to sell as have no use for it, not a clue what it's worth as usual ha, pm me some offers :) or post what they go for ty
If want a pic will post but all know what they look like

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