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Re: Need some advices

And i noticed that focus doesnt give that much power to skills because nature magic does :D
So a if i retrieve a few points in focus and add some str(dont need dex since dagger of haste gives 200dex) welli dont think i would lose much skill power.

Re: Need some advices

Well as i am full support druid atm, i use bark, but its kinda hard to find a lcling group, so i thought as soon as i get a better gear than frozen gear, i thought i would solo lvling because i watched that video of a lvl 190 druid using an Axe of conquest as offhand and also using Wind it was effic...

Need some advices

Hello fellow druids, i am Laidyviviane, hybrid druid 130 on Morrigan. Well soon i will hit lvl 150 so I thought i would go full dps druid. I am planning on using : -Howling wind -Vines -lightning -Storm -Nature touch So i thought i would buy a new offhand, droping my focus of the seer for aone of th...


Carebearpoo wrote:My druid is an invincible envoy. I just vine and run.

Hahaha works all the times agains rogues and warriors :) vines, bees, then run!!!!! :twisted:

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