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Re: Harambe the Gorilla

Had the kid died, then everyone would be condemning the zookeepers for not having killed the gorilla and sympathising with the parents. However, since the gorilla died and the child is safe, they're condemning the zookeepers and blaming the parents. That's society, always looking for someone to blam...

Re: Taranis downs Gelebron!

God, people can be so childish sometimes. If you have nothing but cr*p to say, then don't say anything and move to another topic. What's the point of fighting in a congratulatory post? Do you have something to prove to other servers? We don't know you, so we really don't care. Just congrats and that...

Re: Full Mage Doch Gul Set

A socialist clan that equally rewards everyone regardless of their effort will fail. That's like giving someone free money thinking it will cause them to want to work harder. The people that work really hard will stop working hard because they aren't getting rewarded for their efforts and the peopl...

Re: Complaining Guide

This would've been valid in 2012 when the game was 1 year fresh.

Presently, we're 5 years in, asking for stuff of 2012 to get done in 2016.

I think, in general, we should cut the people complaining some slack.

Re: Full Mage Doch Gul Set

I just wish the drop rate was fixed. 2 sets in 5 months is beyond sad. You guys need a more effective way of showing your discontentment with the drop rates rather than just writing it on forums. As long as you're killing the boss, you're using plat and fuelling OTM. Why would they listen to you? I...

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