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Re: What Gear you use

i also switch gears - can be tank, support, DPS, adds control full dragonlord gears with dagger and Rondel darkscale helm of duelists - 600 attack 100 dec 1k energy plus 600 on evasions mighty trollfang helm of sneaky attack amulet of annihilation / talisman of the stars grand sun fire charm of veno...

Re: Necral dagger of fatal wound

It's really not that useful for bosses, the divine strike on dl dagger hits over 1k, and dl dagger has faster speed and higher proc chance. Good for lvling though. True, not an uograde to dl dagger, thats why we give this to a rogue who uses frozen dagger for more damage while waiting for his dl we...


I never spoke those words. Read what I posted, I kept my comments mature. Ty :) Whar I meant was you're acting as though we've committed a crime worthy of the death sentence while your buddy over there is throwing insults out of his ass. Yeah we took your battle plan, thanks, bye. Ill just say &quo...

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