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Re: Wings

Einherjar wrote:Hello there buds.

I'm the lucky fella that got them wings xd

Here are the pics

That top hat is also from prize aswell right? Regardless grats on wings thats awesomeee

Buying fash pieces

Looking for

White lanrik boots
White ardmair boots
White wyldwood hat
White frostgaurd boots
White frostgaurd gloves

Black wyldwood hat
Black frostgaurd boots

Re: What's better?

Armo wrote:Max attune and shards, then max blast and spread points into lure and shield.

Do what armo said, and also just disregard frostbite its not worth wasting points in. Gl

Re: Fishing?

Years ago on runescape it was actually pretty fun fishing, so many people in one spot doing the same thing youre bound for some good conversation :)

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