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Selling ancient wyrmbone bow 120k every colour set of smuggler 15k a set 140 bladeleaf ring 100k (no white or black smuggler)

Re: Anyone else sick

Thank you for the repilyes guys, if have to disagree with you smeagle im not saying your wrong but 100% do not think this game was built for wars etc I think the focus of the game for the beginning was to take down them badass endgame boss together, the only thing these clan wars have bought out of ...

Anyone else sick

Anyone else sick of the fighting between Kudos and ascn, im in ascn but want to see if others from ascn and kudos feel the same? Just a question not a fight..

Also merry Christmas Danu I hope you ALL have a nice one

Hello mick from Danu here

so I was thinking about builds and gear etc.. And looking around on forums and stuff and found bits and bobs that helped me. But was thinking it might be fun to set like a groupme, group for wars to talk builds, gear and junk.

Just a thought anyway thanks

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