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so ive found myself using the 190 despoiler hammer over my shaddow str spear and the dps is unbelievable, is anyone doing the same?

How do you viwe people who:

okay ive seen this quite abit now and it kinda miffs me off, but how do you view people who earn gear through bossing like hrung mordy etc but later decide to switch severs and sell them clan earned items ? Do you you think they are bad for doing this? Do you think the server should know of this per...

Re: So it begins

Heath wrote:Very nice guy's it's getting hard to lv now at 211 mobs now have allot more health than they did on 4th floor compared to 5th floor the race isn't over yet cap is 220 :)

What's the rush? Updates not going anywhere lol

Re: Player ratings!

Categories Most friendly: mine is prob hyla/ladyn/tina chatter box: diablo or blade Server clown: edogg/dorn Most helpfull: dorn/ladyn/tina and prob lisa211 Most honest: cyp/lady Class ratings best warrior: master/vos/shiv awesome tanks dps ballys/me/woowack and morty Best Mage: tina/zod/sara Best r...

Re: Player ratings!

Okay I'll finish the list off now that I've thought it over.. :ugeek: Categories Most friendly: Hyla!!! chatter box: Diablo Server clown: Edogg Most helpful: This is hard .. Most honest: Rocksteady ...Cypres is a great choice as well Class ratings best warrior: tanks: masters and Vos, i can't choos...

Re: Danu

2 top clans? I belive theres only 1 top clan on danu ascension... Well the only one that kills bosses anyway

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