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Re: Best damage, energy and attack

My best dmg could be at most 4.2k if I change to garanak bladeleaf charm + sharpen weapons, on regular build without skain ammy. Generally I run 4032 as I dont use the gara charm, Is best actually the best, if its not even ur build? Is that using a 2h wep? also what level are you? If i didnt use my...

Re: Do..

So for real do any of you guys play on danu, also if you are all playing the game have any of you reached end game level and experienced the grind of leveling camping or even griefing of any kind?


do any mods ,game creators ,developers etc play on danu if not why lol? Its freaking awesome with our clan rivalries?

Re: New stats

I don't know how to post all the pics together lol You ll have to zoom in edl is my armor and 200 lux great hammer

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