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Re: 'Keltic' Heroes?

Liviticus wrote:I prefer 'keltic' because the S reminds me of salt, that you put on fries, then i get hungry, then i cabt find fries, then i get mad, then i dont focis in school, then i become a hobo destined to die alone on the beach! ALWAYS pronounce in 'Keltic' always...

:lol: but K is for ketchup ;)

Re: Help with lvl 175-180 Build....

Hey guys, I'm looking for a bit of help with my druid build for solo lvling until 180... Current lvl: 175 Mobs:180s in pit Gear: Full Dl, Aggy bracelets, Shadow magic, focus, any rings...also have 2500 sigs so energy isn't a problem at all. I would like to get a build that allows me to get 0.80-1.0...

Re: What should i get

get the 10 chests, 40 energy sigs barely do anything, DO NOT GET THAT DRAGON STAFF unless you have plenty of gold to waste, you have better things to spend on.

Re: Energy Harvest

Rebirth wrote:
DeathCrow wrote:I can honestly say energy harvest really isn't that good -.- it does a crappy job for energy issues

Meditate, here i come...

Actually meditate is worse :lol:

Re: Energy Harvest

Gymgirl4 wrote:It's not that good because when u use it it takes up energy and only gives u like 10 energy back. Its useless

But when you have a whole lot of health with no energy it becomes useful :D (especially druids lol, ran into this situation a good few times :evil: )

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