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embrace, ye or na?

I''ve heard some really controversial opinions on embrace, some say it's great, others say it's utter crap.

So I'm a little confused right now :? , need some good opinions from experienced players.

Re: I found out somthing :0

With that lvl 400 cap came more complaints about the necessity of elixers...how long would it take to lvl from 399-400? My guess, current: estimate +1 lvl +10 xp, w/ base xp of 160 for lvl 0 (not existing), assume endgame lvl 400 mobs exist. Lvl 80 1* evil eye gives 960 xp Lvl 100 1* tree gives 1160...

Re: Favorite NBA team?

SolidScorpion wrote:Celts :lol:

jking it was for CH I don't rly have a team. Used to have Lakers like 10 years ago when I was like 6 lol

Celts. :lol: good one.

I'm not a big fan of basketball but I'm either wolves or lakers

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