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Re: Duskshadow armor set

As you shouldnt be that rich, and leel 50, go with friends in catacombs and kill avatar of donn and these bosses! They are very nice, theywill reward you with tanned darkrun armour, a fairly nice armour till warden, and if youre lucky, thy sometimes drop rogues offhand :) I had a 8pierc offhand from...

Re: Transfer out of Gwydion

It is false, there is no real war, inner is better, but outliees keep challenging them, it is a very nice place, i wish you would love.
Outliers got some aggy kills, they sometimes beat oer innerciecle, but both members are especially nice

Re: BIG world xfer

Im actually in rihannon, but I have a few in arawn:
Heroic amulet/boots/gloves, golden warmagic helm, 16 piercing damage luxury offhand, ancient plate top/legs, oranger frostguard top and legs
Ancient handaxe
Thats all :)

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