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One sec everyone, does summer coming means that there wont be a beltane event?
Because I didnt remember any summer without beltane before it :o

Cash Advice

If you can get a druid, then split dexterity and strenght :)
A good amount of both is very benefit, dont lower any

4 milion transfer: Rihannon to Mabon

Hey :) I would love to come back at my home to level again my 145 rogue ^^ I do am on Rihannon actually and I have: -midnight talisman. -1m focus -level 100 axe/focus of the seer, -about 50s ish combos -25xps, 200energy/travel/wisdoms -blue fg, golden blade of fire -and much stuff i may forget -70 f...

Re: Support Druid

So, at level 1, you have 0 points to spend ^^
Try to level a bit and start maxing natures touch/bark :)
After that, you should max embrace/abudance for pure healing, but you may choose howling wind or grasping roots which helps a lot :)

Mid level leveling build

Hy, I am actually level 100, and I am looking for a build to solo level, i know there is a ton of guides but i dont know. Solo-levelling Based Rogue: 300 Strength 300 Dexterity Rest Vit Maxed Shadowstrike Maxed Quickstrike Maxed Riposte Maxed Life Steal Rest In Fast Reflexes. If you have decent armo...

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