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Hotswapping CD Items

How does hotswapping cool down items work? Does the CD reduction only apply when the item is in a slot on the character, or can I switch from a CD brace to a different brace right away after casting the skill and still gain the reduction?

Re: Gear Question

Adding on to the original question, I now have Runic ammy, storm charm, and 3 valour rings. Stuck with the storm ammy and ring for now, but I also have a +10 sharp/rapid mord ring that I'm hot swapping. Should I keep the storm set? With it equipped I have 300 less attack, but 100 more stat damage. S...

Gear Question

I'm a 200 ranger with a slight gear dilemma. I'm currently using a Gara Frost Set, but would like to know if I should switch over to Runic Ammy+Gara Storm Charm. Thoughts?

Re: Login Issues

This has gotten completely out of hand. Revert back to a pre-crossplatform game, because that's literally the worst thing to have ever happened to this game. Never had this problem before that update.

Re: Server Downtime - 10:30 AM BST - Launch of Cross Platform

These things take time. So what if it takes longer than expected. Not everything goes as planned, so stop whining about it. Your compensation for the wait can be the ability to play iOS or Android when they're done. Seems like a large reward, since most of you that are complaining are the people who...

Re: It's time to drop the no sharing rule: an opinion piece

In my opinion, the only thing keeping most worlds alive right now is people who are logging others characters as well as their own for bosses. So, drop the rule and keep these worlds alive. Keep the rule, and as soon as it gets enforced, we get a forums flame war as well as in-game chat war.

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