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Gear Question

Runic Ammy, Gara Storm Charm (vit/att), 10/10 Sharp Rapid Ring


Skain Frost Set

Opinions please, attack is obviously higher with the Runic Ammy, but damage is higher with Skain. I feel like this is a case where I should use Runic only on raid bosses.

Re: Duskshadow Armor

The armor is useful for all classes because it now gives a stat that isn’t useful for each class. I would recommend using, crush hasn’t played in years, doesn’t quite know what he’s talking about.

Re: Skill choice

Steady over sharpen for both, in my opinion. Usually there will be someone with a higher sharpen than yours at a boss, and the extra attack of steady helps a lot. Personally, I keep both maxed.

Re: How to play CH on your computer

Going to try to use Nox, but my only question is whether or not the controls seem to be clunky or not. How do keyboard controls compare to iOS touchscreen controls? Will I be able to move around quickly? Do they allow for me to level as efficiently as I would be able to on a touchscreen device?

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