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Re: Rogues agree with me?

Venus wrote:No I like sneaky attack, but I think the expose weakness on boots is lame and agree with blrd. But anyways it seems all classes have a flub skill or 2 on their gear like sanctuary on druid legs for example.

u may like sneaky but shadow is way better even if u use sneaky

Highest Firebolt Hits!!!

Post your highest firebolt hits!!! The highest recorded is 5888 damage but I challenge you to do over 6k or more! if not, then post your Highest Firebolt Hit. Ill only believe it if I see it, so post your pic!

Please read if you block rochoh2000

first, im NOT asking for gold or money. my account rochoh2000 recently got hacked but i was able to retrieve it. my friends told me that i was spamming and being a perv while i was hacked. please understand that it got hacked and if u ever see me do that again u have no reason to believe me becuz i ...

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