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Pyrus timer

In the pursuit for my frozen wep, what is the exact timer for Pyrus? I originally thought that earliest spawn was 2.5 hours after death at the earliest, and 3.5 hours at the latest, but it spawned 15 mins late.

Re: Assassinate

I would say make this skill unevadeable, and instead of guessing where 30% is before you can cast it, give it maybe some health missing damage, more health the mob is missing, more damage it does, that way it would be more of an "assassination" skill

Re: Mages PvP nerfs

Faster to nerf 1 class than keep 3 nerfed. Current mages and druids are a great source of income to OTM, why would they lessen their income? You are speaking in terms of what would be better for OTM. But this game should satisfy the players, NOT OTM. Besides, in a game that is pve centered, where e...

Re: Mages PvP nerfs

Why keep saying rogues need nerfs... Stop ****** asking to nerf and instead ask for others to be made better. Pointless whiners who picked a wrong class for what they want to do so complain. All serve a purpose. I think everyone else can agree that Nerfing rogue would be easier for OTM than fixing ...

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