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Re: avalon

oh ok ty, i heard u guys had the record, the top clan in our world killed him with 7 guys last time, terminNater is such a beasty tank.


forgive me for being nosy but do avalon still hold record for fastest aggy kill?

Re: Prominence!

I'm not going to be active considering my itouch broke, first I like to clear that bowz, I don't know why you try so hard for the clan, if your not a part owner, or chief. Anyways, before you devote your name into prom, try out Exodia first, more active, more higher levels, just more fun, prom is a...

Re: Is dragonlord the end?

I am thinking the next armor set will be based off the gods... Druid: Taranis's _____ (God of Thunder) Rogue: Arawn's ____ (God of Death) Warrior: Morrigan's ____ (God of War) Mage: Brigit's _____ (God of Fire) Ranger: Cernunno's ____ (God of the Hunt) Just my thoughts Even if they didnt have any i...

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