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Merry xmas everyone on forum!! I am 200% (not possible but i DONT CARE lol), proud of all the progress ive seen over the course of this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've seen many many people come and go, and hope the people reading today will be around for NEXT XMAS! Gj everyone! And good luck!! :):)

Re: Leaderboards

They've never been updated lol i broke auto and skill records as soooon as i seen scores the first time i was like #4 or 5 and was like helll naw haha. Idk how much competition there but so far i am up to just under 12k for actual skillz dmg on a mob (like 11,994) or sumthin, skill max at 13k with y...

Re: Android forums vs iOS

On donn server in android (probably similar on others), there is a surprising amount plat buyers. I don't mean small amounts really either haha, the updates releasing every few months on droid has definitely caused Me at least (can't really speak for others but probly not too far off) to feel the Ne...

Re: prices and stuff?

Lvling to 180 ive never paid over 3k a xp , if u patient u can find some really good deals from players who need gold as they hit key lvls (obviously lol)

Hastes can b hard to get sometimes but not all class need so owell lol

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