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Skain 6* Slain By Donn

Not sure if other servers have which I'm sure they did. But us in donn have slayed the beast! A 2 hour kill! 100% worth it. Dropped 2 rings and 1 charm. Vit ring, focus ring, dex charm. Good job MrScar on getting the kill and rallying up the people to kill. Was a very long fight:) We're coming for y...

Re: First horse

Silentblade72 wrote:
unanimatrix wrote:Donn currently has 7 horses.
And 1 mythic glider
2 ancient gliders
A primal glider
Primal cape
Ancient cape

That much ik of

We hav a mount called mordis muahahahahahaha

And we have 3 edl sets, 1 drop from 4. :lol:

Re: Activity

Seems our players r busy playing and not posting hello messages xD

Edit: alot less posts convincing people to join our server as well xD

Re: Petition to lower the difficulty on current event Bosses

I wish we had gotten more garanak items, we have maybe a couple handful of em on donn not sure who has any full sets or whatever but woulda been nice to have had less trouble with him haha, my opinion i dont even like to bother with new item from 150 boss i dont feel like the rewards are worth the e...

Re: Dex or Strength for solo leveling?

From my experience so far i prefer dex after 180, shoot for 350-450 stre, 1000 dex, around 3750 hp, high lvl troll braces help, i dont max poison just topped off at 100 dmg, max sneaky, qs, ss, non maxed riposte just raise it to 2000 ish, rend 1, U shuld b at 2000 defense wich is decent for dodge, i...

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