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Re: Text Back?

Hello, Depending upon the volume of claims that the team is dealing with it can take about a week or so for appeals to be replied to. During holidays or new events just being released it can be slightly longer. We aim to clear appeals by Friday of each week but sometimes this is simply impossible du...

Re: otm?

Hello, Regarding refunds - the date the ticket is sent in is the date that counts. That is the date that we then look for the purchase within 3 days from. Tickets are usually answered within 1-3 days with slightly longer during hoildays since the team are off. If there is a large volume of tickets t...

Re: Server reset?

Hi there,

There was no reset performed this morning.
Reporting this back to the programmers it seems that the servers may have had a little 'hic-up' but everything should be okay now.

Any issues please let me know.

Thank you :)

Re: Scammers


Since this was about Epona I moved this thread to this forum.

Can someone PM me the name of this player and I shall look into it?


Re: I hope someone sees this

Many players have been unbanned, especially if they got banned for scamming. Scammer accounts always come back somehow, especially on this server. But if you havent scammed and been banned for other reasons, then OTM permanently bans you. its really illogical but thats how it has been. PM Muldar or...

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