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Re: Ipod Touch 6th gen

Good question/ posting. I wonder same thing, I'm on ipod5. When I bought the 5 the 6 wasn't out yet. I didn't want to wait months to play and miss so many events. Only reason I haven't bought a 6 is I'm wondering when there's a 7 if at all. :/ You probably only would have missed half an event :) :D...

Zoo The Series

I wanted to recommend this show for people to watch. It's in the second season but it's pretty good. Not going to spoil it, check it out!!

Re: Playing Without Platinum

I have played with big purchases of Plat back in 2013. I've also played on other servers and my server without it for years. Sure it can be slower but still fun. So far on 2 servers I'm 85/90's and haven't used an elixer yet. (Trying to be old Aileron, yes I remember 150 signature!) You can just buy...

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