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Re: The Walking Dead 2016! (Spoiler)

The writers are making it so obvious that almost everyone in the compound simply fears Negan and hates him. Basically no surprise on what eventually would happen. The scene with Carl hesitating to pull the trigger when he already had a rifle pointed at Negan was kinda lame. He even told Enid that h...

Re: The Walking Dead 2016! (Spoiler)

Don't look Ghostly lol Carl has more balls then his father! I like Negan for some odd reason. It's them random comments with a smile. Lol They brought Tara back into the story. Think she had a baby real life. I can see this new crew of women getting with Rick and the crew in my mind. If you had one ...

Requests for when I'm back

Hey my Cromie's! Been away just trying to get one step closer to my degree. Miss you guys & gals. (No device) I've heard they had a Black Friday sale so I'm interested in buying sigils (E preferred) & backpacks. Here's the thing I'm buying them worth fashion items only. If you have sigils &a...

Re: The Walking Dead 2016! (Spoiler)

That scene....brutal... It most certainly was and no shows have me teary. I admit to getting all misty on Glenn. Huge loss and after them already making it look like he was gone from the past with the dumpster! A man who cuts a ring off a zombie finger in an apocalypse for marriage is my kind of gu...

The Walking Dead 2016! (Spoiler)

At first when Abraham was killed I was like well OK OK I like him buy at least it's not someone I loved. Then....I was yelling at the TV Glenn!!! The way his eye was out and part when he said, "Maggie I will find you." For a moment I was Maggie. Lmao Rick to me now is a punk. Lord I know h...

Re: Selling stuff

I think Tiziano on Crom has been looking for that Wand of Hallows. I haven't been on for a few weeks to be able to look for him. Send him a message in game, I wrote him forum.

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