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Buying Lots of Items!

Hey Guys!
Im Buying a Minstrels Lute, Askold, Ymir, and Grimling Weapons, Snowman and Pumpkin Wand, Midsummer and Solstice Gear, and a Bat Mask!

Pm, Mail, or Reply if You Have Any!

Aggrim-Lvl 123-Rogue-Gen of AngelsOfMercy
Pylios-Lvl 80-Druid-Chief of Supreme

Re: Burial H2H Ring

Well Aggrim, it's the only one Retribution had in it's bank, or on any of it's current players. Also Retribution is the only clan left on Sulis that would even have such rings, so yes Aggrim most likely you are the only current player on Sulis that has one. Good Job btw!! littleMissDurtie Ok Thanks...

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