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Re: Dex or Str

All Str Baby. All My Skill Points Are in Strength Except 125 And That's In Vit. I'm a Lvl 150 Rogue and Use Sneaky, Qs, Rend, Double, and Rip ! (In My Opinion I Believe That If you Want to Do The Most Dmg, Be a Strong Rogue Cuz That Increases and Dext Rogues do Less DMG But Lay More Hits and Dodge M...

My Nice and Long Selling List :) !

I'm Selling The Following: -Lure Of Magic -Ward Of Fire -Rescue -Sharpen Weapons -Rupture -Expose Weakness -Grand Ring of Abundant Aura (+4) -Mighty Zealots Ring of Sneaky Attack (+80 Dmg) -Grand Bathide Charm (90 HP 14 Vital) -Lesser Sunfire Charm of Lightning Strike (+50 Dmg) -Seers Pink Mask (20 ...

Selling Good Stuff :) !

Hey Guys, Im Selling Once More. Selling; -Ammy Of Slaying -Fiery Helm of Veteran -Fiery Axe of Triumph -Ring of Reflex -Ring of Battle -Minstrels Lute -Ritual Harp -Turqousie Frostguard Helm -Turqouise Lanrik Gloves -Pink Frostguard Boots Ill Edit This While Some Stuff Goes. Also, On The Ammy and Ax...

Which Is Better ?

Hey Guys,

Is Having The Fiery Helm Of Veteran Equipped Better Than The Frozen Gear Bonus ?

(its Either Having Full Frozen or Having Full Frozen Except Helm so There No Bonus)

I'm a Rogue Btw

Lvl 141 Rogue

Lvl 100 Druid

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