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Buying Some Stuff

Buying 1 mil dext ammy or new 1 mil heat sunshard ammy, Slwiftness Ring, Lvl 150 Dext Ring, Lvl 170 Dext rift Bracelets, And +5 Posion Wep, and Fast Reflex!

Mail My Main Aggrim If You Have

Re: Agg's Shop

Candies wrote:I"ll buy yuletide skimmer and how much for grand sharpen weapons and royal double shot?

15k Skimmer
Offer for Both Rings

Agg's Shop

Hey Guys! This Is Going to Be My Only (Hopefully) Selling List. I'm Going to Try to Keep Updating it. Lux Items: -Rings of War (Lvl 150 Str Ring) -Golden Bodkin of Spirits (Lvl 0) -Tailsman of Stars (Lvl 150) -Mighty Shield of Crowns (Lvl 0) -Golden Quiver of Rejuvenation (Lvl 0) -Gold Quiver of Ice...


Buying The Following: - 2x Lvl 170 Rift Bracelets (Str and Vit or Str and Dext) -Heroic Xps -Royal Sneaky, Qs, Rend, Riposte, Double Attack, Natures Touch, Shield of Bark, Natures Embrace, and Abundance -Any Unwanted Crowns, Diadems, Huntsman Masks, Garlands, and Nature Masks -All Lux Items, Gear, W...

Selling Expensive Stuff

Selling the Following Items -Avalanche Sled -1 Mil Yule Dext Ammy -Vital Amuleut of Knives -Wand of Hallows -Darkflame Gauntlets -Godly Wyrmscale Bracelet -Skeleton King Charm - 2x Greater Frostboots of Umbral Fury (Lvl 130 Rogue Yule Boots) -Gold Bodkin of Spirits -Lvl 50 Gold Helm of Secverity -Lv...

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