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Re: Question

Stick to Gara Set, Lux Set is Barely Better, But if your heart desires the Lux Set Get The Str One because skill works all the time and dext skill only works if Ur getting attacked. If u still want dext ammy dnt get it just get Str and take 200 points out of Str and add to DEXT lol

Long List of Items

Read Through It! Good Items Mixed in there! Selling: -Darkflame Set -White Frostguard Set -Lesser Midsummer Set -Greater Samhain Nightflyer (50%) -Beltane Dragonstaff (10%) -Sunflower Wand -Black Firestorm Rod -Black Cloudburst Rod -Godly Bear Helm of the Cruel Claw -Yuletide Hat (Red Santa) -Sleigh...

Things For Sale

Selling The Following: - Idolised Karpati Nightflyer - Greater Samhain Nightflyer - Beltane Dragonstaff -Golden Warmagic Helm - Heroic Boots of Speed - Heroic Gloves of Haste - Full Lesser Midsummer Gear - Full Lesser Earthstone Gear - Ring of Swiftness - Connacht Vanquisher Bp and Legs - Black Clou...

Selling Loads

Selling Yule Dext Ammy, Icelord Dagger, Full Darkflame, Royal Helm of Athach's Cunning Helm, Ghostly Green Wolf Mask, Spectral Purple Wolf Mask, White Stalker Mask, White and Black Wayfarers Headress, White and Black Crest, White and Black Nature Mask, White and Black Diadem, Black Yule Hat, Ghostly...

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