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Re: Lux or Warden Gear!?!

Ezekiell wrote:Your gear is good I think. Maybe you should try to buy a diamond dagger or make lvl 120 quick and buy a adamant one. But double Attack is useless for rogues, because cast time is too long.

Ok thanks!

Lux or Warden Gear!?!

Hey Guys, I'm a lvl 101 Rouge on Sulis Named Aggrim. I would like to know if Having Full Zodiac/Frozen still good gear for a Dps or do you need to have Like a Bloodlust/Arcane Helm and Like Hero Gloves to be a good Dps. I currently have: -Gold Bloodlust Helm -Moonshadow Chest -Zodiac Pants -Hero Glo...

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