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Agg's Store

Hey Guys!
Im Selling Red Lanrik Shirt, Red Lanrk Boots, Orange Lanrik Gloves, Turqouise Crown, Turqouise Helpers Hat, Orange Party Hat, Orange Mask of Lugh, Coven Hats, Lesser Midsummer Helm, Chest,Boots, and Gloves,and a Mystic Firefang Ring!

Mail or Pm My Main Aggrim in Game

Selling Lux

Hey Guys!
I'm Selling a Mighty Shield of Crowns and a 10% Beltane Drag Staff!
If Interested in Any, Reply to This Post, IOr Pm my Main Aggrim. If Im not Online, Send Me Mail.

Agg's Friendly Duels!

Hey Guys! I'm Going to Start Something Called Agg's Friendly Pvp Duels! Here's How You Play, You Get A Even Amount of People, ( At Least 4 an Make Sure All of The people Are Within 15 Lvls So it Can Be Even) Then Everyone Rolls Once And The 2 People With The Highest Rolls Are the Team Captains. Then...

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