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Re: Curious.

Vendral wrote:I believe that onyx/obsidian armour beats adamant when it comes to DPS, which would be why most people prefer it over Adamant. Also, adamant costs money, while both frozen and Onyx are free.

Yes But how Do MOST People Get the Shards or Frozen Items? By Buying Them

Re: Curious.

Ezekiell wrote:The fact is many ppl have some frozen parts at 120 and then maybe get addy chest and legs.

I Love My Full Adamant. I Do Deadly Damage Lol


Hey Guys,
Im Just Curious To Know if Im the Only Rogue That Wears Full Adamant Lol Cuz on Sulis (My Current Server) im the Only Rogue with Full Adamant Aha. (Im a Lvl 121 as Can Deal up to 3.5k Dmg With Sneaky :))

Re: Pre-Halloween Clan event!

As i Said B4 im Really Looking for This. But, im Not Sure if i Can Be on @ 5pm Eastern(Other People Might Have Same Prob as I Do).So im Asking to Host a Few More Like on Friday or Saturday(etc)

Hope You Can!

Lvl 121 Rogue Aggrim

Farewell to An Old Friend

Hey Guys, This Post is About Skillstorm. Most People Thought He was a Scammer and a Kser, But RogueMaster and I (etc) Thought Different. SKillstorm Quitted the Game Today Due to All the Bs People Said to Him. To Prove These People Wrong, He Gave all His Stuff Away for Free. He Gave me Diamond Chest,...

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