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For Sale | •90% Flyer • 80/10/10 Glider •70% Carpet • Samhain 500k Lux Flyer • Natan Attach's Rogue/Mage Helms •Icelord/Winterkings Weps • Darkflame Sets • Connacht Sets • Behemoth Ammy • Arachnid Sorcery Ring • Arachnid Power Ring • Arachnus Evasion Ring • Witch's Hat • Vital Ammy of Knives • Lvl 1...

Re: Bye

Farewell Man, I will always remember the time when you sold me my first Lux item for Cheap. take care!

Re: Question

Stick to Gara Set, Lux Set is Barely Better, But if your heart desires the Lux Set Get The Str One because skill works all the time and dext skill only works if Ur getting attacked. If u still want dext ammy dnt get it just get Str and take 200 points out of Str and add to DEXT lol

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