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Selling: • Ascendant Artic Wings • Primal Phoenix Glider • Royal Helm of Athach's Cunning • Godly Bear Helm Of The Cruel Claw • Full Lesser Earthstone Set • Golden Warmagic Helm • Golden Crown of Energization • Shrouded Broom Of Witchcraft • Avalanche Sled • Fiery Quiver Of The Wild • Shield Of The ...

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For Sale | •90% Flyer • 80/10/10 Glider •70% Carpet • Samhain 500k Lux Flyer • Natan Attach's Rogue/Mage Helms •Icelord/Winterkings Weps • Darkflame Sets • Connacht Sets • Behemoth Ammy • Arachnid Sorcery Ring • Arachnid Power Ring • Arachnus Evasion Ring • Witch's Hat • Vital Ammy of Knives • Lvl 1...

Re: Bye

Farewell Man, I will always remember the time when you sold me my first Lux item for Cheap. take care!

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