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Looking for

Sparkling turqoise gloves and top (overpaying:).)
Also looking for snowbound black gloves and or top.

Re: White Coven Dilemma

The thing is i said items or 3mil so he said he was broke and so he offered me his drag hat and told me it was worth over 2mil but i didnt belive then he convinced me other wise so i did the trade on the boarder lines that the items where equil to three mil you can imagine how i felt when I was offe...

Re: The Good Ol' Days...

I miss those days i miss the way things looked all the energy and excitement,the glitches in the beach and castle walls we all felt like the game was so...innovative, funny how 2 years change ppls perspective.


Lol i play for the ppl not the status u guys shud try sometime alot more fun

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